Ann Arbor 2015

Welcome and Introduction to Course

Presented by: Will Meurer


Introduction to Patient Groups

Presented by: Heather Snyder, Alzheimer's Association


Keynote Presentation: Involving Patients in the Clinical Trial Planning Process
Presented by: Bray Patrick-Lake


Introduction to Course
Presented by: Will Meurer


What Information You Need Before Talking to Your Biostatistician About Sample Size
Presented by: Sharon Yeatts


Developing a Schedule of Events for A Clinical Trial
Presented by: Karen Johnston


Selecting Outcome Measures for Neuroscience Trials
Presented by: Jeremy Shefner


Learn Phase Designs 1 / CRM
Presented by: Ken Cheung


Creating and Effective Clinical Trial Budget
Presented by: Valerie Stevenson


Large Group Discussion of Budget


Clinical Trials in Rare Diseases
Presented by: Erika Augustine


What does an IRB do?
Presented by: Roger Lewis


DSMBs and the Clinical Monitoring of Trials/Role of Medical Safety Monitor
Presented by: Roger Lewis and Robin Conwit


IND/IDEs for the Sponsor Investigator
Presented by: Kevin Weatherwax


Recruitment and Retention
Presented by: Josh Grill


Learn Phase Designs 2 - Futility Designs
Presented by: Valerie Durkalski


Biomarkers / Surrogate Outcomes: A Total Quagmire
Presented by: Laurie Gutmann


Multiplicity: Incentives and Risks of Fooling Oneself
Presented by: Michelle Detry


Enrolling Representative Populations: Recruitment of Disadvantaged and Historically Under-Represented Groups in Research
Presented by: Adrianne Haggins


How to be an Informed Consumer of Pre-Clinical Research
Presented by: Wendy Galpern


How to be an Informed Consumer of Pre-Clinical Research
Presented by: Dietrich Haubenberger


Career Development Mechanisms at NINDS
Presented by: Stephen Korn


A (Brief) Introduction to Adaptive Designs and Clinical Trial Simulation
Presented by: Kert Viele


K to R Transition
Presented by: Lesli Skolarus and Jim Burke


Collaborating with Your Friendly Neighborhood CTSAs
Presented by: Brett Kissela


Clinical Trial Networks: Panel - NETT, NeuroNEXT and StrokeNET
Presented by: Robert Silbergleit, Chris Coffey and Valerie Durkalski