Vail Course Archives

Below are a few archival videos of the educational content that was developed and presented at the 2012 NINDS Clinical Trials Methods Course in Vail, Colorado.
Lecture 3: Ins and Outs of Protocols

Filling in the Blanks: Core Elements of a Clinical Research Protocol - INS/OUTS OF PROTOCOLS: LANGUAGE/VOCABULARY. 

As part of the Clinical Trial Methods Course in Neurology Saturday July 21, 2012 Jaishri Blakeley, MD (Johns Hopkins) and Alex Valadka, MD (Baylor College of Medicine) present. In this lecture we review the common and key elements to a clinical therapeutic protocol,  introduce common protocol vocabulary, and review protocol architecture and rationale.


Lecture 4: Fundamentals Of Biostatistics

Given at 2012 Vail Clinical Trial Methods Course By Michael Parides, PhD from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. 
The goals of this session are for the viewer to understand:
  • Difference between systematic and random error
  • Methods to minimize error and maximize the accuracy of estimates and decisions
  • How statistical inference quantifies the effects of chance and  provides a basis for accurate decision making
  • What is a p-value
  • Elements of a valid clinical trial

Attachments:  Lecture 4 - Parides Fundamentals vail 2012.pdf