ARCTIC - Acute Rapid Cooling for Traumatic Injuries of the Cord 

Status: Preparing

ARCTIC is a proposal being developed for SIREN-NETT at the University of Miami for a prospective, multi-center trial of moderate intravascular hypothermia for the treatment of acute traumatic cervical spinal cord injury. This study will assess the efficacy of moderate induced hypothermia (33.5 + 0.2° C) for improving the ASIA motor score. Significant improvement will be determined by a greater than 10-point difference between the two treatment arms in the mean change in ASIA motor score as determined at 12 months follow-up. As requested, the protocol summary for the original submission is provided as a link below for your information.

The proposal will be re-submitted to the NINDS. As part of this revision, SIREN-NETT sites are collecting de-identified data in preparation for research to inform the feasability of the trial.  

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