Clinical Coordinating Center (CCC)

The CCC creates the NETT Network infrastructure to promote and conduct clinical trials that will provide new and effective treatments for neurologic emergencies by:

  • Developing the Network architecture and organizational structure including bylaws and procedures.
  • Establishing processes to design and implement trials that will encourage the clinical translation of findings into routine practice.
  • Managing clinical trials (establish rigorous criteria for monitoring recruitment, adhere to established deadlines and develop criteria for monitoring Hub effectiveness and compliance).
  • Providing clinical trial operational resources (electronic data entry, automated screening and notification, access to telemedicine resources, advanced outcomes assessment, and human subjects protection tools).
  • Creating an information technology infrastructure that will enhance the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of site, trial, and data management in the Network.
  • Establishing trial development structures (recruit future trials and investigators, define internal review and publication procedures).

The CCC engages clinicians in the clinical research mission and provides the training and professional development to ensure effective clinical trial participation by:

  • Recruiting and maintaining study sites and participants.
  • Educating and training investigators, study coordinators and other research staff.
  • Ensuring ongoing quality improvement of research processes.
  • Organizing and conducting Phase III clinical trials that address important therapeutic questions and demonstrate the capabilities of the Network.

PI: Bill Barsan
Co-PI: Lewis Morgenstern (University of Mighigan)
Co-PI: Art Pancioli (University of Cincinnati)
Co-PI: Robert Silbergleit (University of Michigan)