RAMPART was supported by awards from the following:

A very special thanks to the 893 subjects enrolled in RAMPART. They are the true Medical Heroes of this project.

We thank Edward Jauch and Robert Woolson, clinical and statistical consultants; Ken Rockwell, central pharmacy; Henry Wang, medical safety monitor; the data and safety monitoring board: Thomas Bleck (chair), Gail Anderson, James Chamberlain, Joseph Collins, Jeffrey Saver, and Peter Gilbert (NINDS liaison); and the Chemical Biological Medical Systems Joint Project Management Office, Department of Defense, for support and for providing autoinjectors through a cooperative agreement with the NINDS.

Seventeen enrollment Hubs across the country participated in RAMPART, including more than 79 hospitals, 33 EMS agencies, and more than 4,000 dedicated and hard-working paramedics. Their dedication and enterprise is recognized, as well as their important contribution to this study and emergency medical services research.

The following is a list of groups enrolled in RAMPART:

Clinical Coordinating Center
Robert Silbergleit, MD, Daniel Lowenstein, MD, William Barsan, MD, Arthur Pancioli, MD, Valerie Stevenson, BAS, RRT, CCRP, Erin Zaleski, MA,  Deneil Harney, MPH, MSW, Donna Harsh, MS, Joy Pinkerton, BSN, RN, MS,  Allison Kade, BA,  Nicholas Siewert, BA, Ashley Pinawin, BS, Catherin Ring, Phebe Brenne

National EMS Coordinator
Kay Vonderschmidt, MPA, MS-EM, NREMT-P

Statistical Data Management Center
Valerie Durkalski, PhD, Yuko Palesch, PhD, Catherine Dillon, Keith Pauls, Qi Wu, Wenle Zhao, PhD

National Institutes of Health
Robin Conwit, MD, Scott Janis, PhD, David Jett, PhD, Brandy Fureman, PhD


Hubs (ordered by number of subjects enrolled)

Wayne State University (178)
Hub Principal Investigator: Robert D. Welch, MD, MS
Primary Study Coordinators: Lynnmarie Mango, MPH, Valerie H. Mika, MS
EMS Director(s)/Coordinator: Jenny Atas, MD
Other Site Investigators: Robert Dunne, MD, Douglas Wheaton, MD, Phillip Levy, MD, MPH, Marc-Anthony Velilla, MD, Robert Sherwin, MD, Brian O'Neil, MD, Angela Groves, MD, Marc Rosenthal, DO, PhD
Participating EMS Service: Detroit EMS

University of Cincinnati (133)
Hub Principal Investigator: Arthur Pancioli, MD
Primary Study Coordinators: Irene Ewing, RN, BSN, Peggy Waymeyer, RN
EMS Director(s)/Coordinator: M. Kay Vonderschmidt, MPA, MS-EM, NREMT-P, Jason McMullan, MD
Other Site Investigators: Hamilton Schwartz, MD, Brian Stettler, MD, William Knight, MD, Opeolu Adeoye, MD, Rhonda Cadena, MD, Jordan Bonomo, MD, Erin Grise, MD, Laura Heitsch, MD, George Shaw, MD, David M. Ficker, MD, Nick Gagai, CCRP, Pamela Schmit, RN BSN, Sara Stark, Med, Traci Doellman, RN
Participating EMS Services: Cincinnati Fire Department, BlueAsh Fire Department, Forest Park Fire Department, Green Township Fire Department, Florence Fire Department, Independence Fire Department

University of California San Francisco (121)
Hub Principal Investigator: J. Claude Hemphill, III, MD, MAS
Primary Study Coordinators: Michele Meeker, RN, BSN, Kelley Rosborough, BA
EMS Director(s)/Coordinator: Jeany Duncan EMT-P
Other Site Investigators: Karl Sporer, MD, FACEP, FACP, Alan Gelb, MD; Wade Smith, MD, PhD, Prasanthi Ramanujam, MD, Kazuma Nakagawa, MD, Asma Moheet, MD, Hooman Kamel, MD, Bharath Naravetla, MD, Mary Mercer, MD, Christine Wong, MD
Participating EMS Services: San Francisco Fire Department, EMS Division

University of Texas -Houston (81)
Hub Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Jones, MD
Trial Principal Investigator: Truman J. Milling, MD
Primary Study Coordinators: Misty Ottman, RN, BSN, Ben King, Laura LaChance
EMS Directors/Coordinators: Jeff Brockman, RN, Pete Didonato, EMT-P
Other Site Investigator: Paul Hinchey, MD
Participating EMS Service: Austin-Travis County EMS

Emory University (75)
Hub Principal Investigator: David W. Wright, MD
Trial Principal Investigators: Matthew D. Bitner, MD, Gerald W. Beltran, DO
Primary Study Coordinator: Harriet Nevarez, RN, CCRC
EMS Director/Coordinator: Rachel Barnhard, Andrea G. McDougal
Other Site Investigators: Jeffrey F. Linzer Sr, MD, Lisa H. Merck, MD MPH, Tamara Espinoza, MD
Participating EMS Service: Grady EMS

Henry Ford Health System (64)
Hub Principal Investigator: Christopher A. Lewandowski, MD
Trial Principal Investigator: Taher T. Vohra, MD
Primary Study Coordinators: Paula L. Crouse, RN, BSN., MA., Anna E. Baker, RN, BSN
EMS Director/Coordinator: Dean R. Creech EMT-P, I/C
Other Site Investigator: Andrew N. Russman, DO, Joseph B. Miller, MD, Jumana Nagarwala, MD, Daniel J. Miller, MD, Raymond Fowkes, MD, Anne Marie Lundell, RN, BSN
Participating EMS Services: Detroit EMS, West Bloomfield Fire and EMS Services

Stanford University (62)
Hub Principal Investigator: James V. Quinn, MD, MS
Primary Study Coordinators: Stephanie Casal. RN, CNS, Anke Hebig, Mark Liao
EMS Director/Coordinator: Peter D'Souza, MD
Participating EMS Services: Palo Alto Fire Department, San Jose Fire Department, Redwood City Fire Department, San Mateo Fire Department

University of Arizona (58)
Hub Principal Investigator: Kurt R. Denninghoff, MD
Trial Principal Investigator: Daniel W. Spaite, MD
Primary Study Coordinator: Bruce Barnhart, RN, CEP
EMS Director(s)/Coordinator: Willie Haro, CEP
Other Site Investigator: Bentley J. Bobrow, MD
Participating EMS Service: Glendale Fire Department

Virginia Commonwealth University (55)
Hub Principal Investigator: Joseph P. Ornato, MD
Primary Study Coordinator: Sallie L. Noe, RN
EMS Director/Coordinator: Alan D. Payne, CCEMTP
Other Site Investigators: Alan R. Towne, MD, Michael C. Kurz, MD, John T. Carmack, MD
Participating EMS Service: Richmond Ambulance Authority

University of Minnesota (47)
Hub Principal Investigator: Michelle Biros, MD, MS
Trial Principal Investigator: Brian Mahoney, MD
Primary Study Coordinators: Corey Sargent, MA, NREMT-P, Kathleen Miller, BSN, CCRC
Other Site Investigators: David Hildebrandt, Chris Kummer, Doug Gesme
Participating EMS Services: Hennepin County EMS

Medical College of Wisconsin (47)
Hub Principal Investigator: Tom P. Aufderheide, MD
Primary Study Coordinator: Joseph T. Brandt Jr., BS, EMT-P
EMS Director/Coordinator: M. Riccardo Colella, DO
Other Site Investigators: Ron Pirrallo, MD, MHSA, Walter Bialkowski, MS, Benjamin Hermanson, BS, Christopher Sandoval, BS, EMT-P, Kevin Morrow, MFA, Kelly McCormick, BS, MBA, Katherine Burpee, BA, Geri Price, BS, Dawn Kawa, BA
Participating EMS Services: Milwaukee County EMS, Milwaukee Fire Department, Franklin Fire Department, Greenfield Fire Department, North Shore Fire Department, Oak Creek Fire Department, South Milwaukee Fire Department, Wauwatosa Fire Department, West Allis Fire Department

University of Kentucky (31)
Hub Principal Investigator: Roger L. Humphries, MD
Primary Study Coordinator: Linda Dechtenberg, RN, BSN, CCRC
EMS Director/Coordinator: Christofer Sweat
Other Site Investigator: L.Creed Pettigrew, MD,MPH
Participating EMS Service: Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Division of Fire & Emergency Services

University of Pennsylvania (26)
Hub Principal Investigator: Jill M. Baren, MD, MBE
Trial Principal Investigator: R. Daniel Bledsoe, MD
Primary Study Coordinator: Barbie Stahlman, MS, Katherine Lamond, BA, Pamela G. Nathanson, MBE
Other Site Investigator: Scott E. Kasner, MD, MSCE, Peter D. Le Roux, MD
Participating EMS Services: York Hospital Medic 97, White Rose Ambulance, Grantley Fire Company, Jacobus Lions Ambulance Club, West York Ambulance

Oregon Health & Science University (24)
Hub Principal Investigators: Craig R. Warden, MD, MPH, Robert A. Lowe, MD, MPH
Primary Study Coordinator: Rachel N. Stone, CCRP
Participating EMS Service: Clackamas Fire District #1

New York Presbyterian Hospital (10)
Hub Principal Investigator: Stephan Mayer, MD, FCCM
Trial Principal Investigator: Neal Flomenbaum, MD
Primary Study Coordinators: M. Cristina Falo, PhD, Lisa-Vanessa Magitbay, RN, Chirag Surti
EMS Directors/Coordinators: Heidi Cordi, MD, Daniel Ribaudo
Other Site Investigators: Axel Rosengart, MD, PhD, Matthew Vibbert, MD, Santiago Ortega-Gutierrez, MD, H. Alex Choi, MD, Emily Gilmore, MD, Rishi Malhotra, MD, Lawrence Berger
Participating EMS Services: New York Presbyterian

Temple University (8)
Hub Principal Investigator: Nina T. Gentile, MD
Trial Principal Investigators: Alvin Wang, DO, Christopher Vates, MD, Ben Usatch, MD
Primary Study Coordinators: Brent B. Freeman, Stacey L. Cleary
Participating EMS Services: Volunteer Medical Services Corps of Lower Merion and Narberth (Narberth Ambulance), Life Lion EMS

University of Maryland (3)
Hub Principal Investigator: Barney Stern, MD
Trial Principal Investigators: Tricia Ting, MD, Gregory Krauss, MD
Primary Study Coordinators: Virginia Ganley, RN, Susan Rice, RN, Jennifer Ronald
EMS Director/Coordinator: Michelle Stevens, RN
Other Site Investigators: Brian Browne, MD, Robert Rosenthal, MD, Peter Hill, MD
Participating EMS Services: Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS), Baltimore City EMS