Bravo Zulu Flag Sites

Bravo Zulu Flag Sites

Bravo Zulu Flag Sites

The Bravo Zulu flag has traditionally been used by US naval forces to indicate a job especially well done. The flag is flown to publically indicate the excellent work of the team.

The SHINE team will assign the SHINE Bravo Zulu flag to one team each quarter for a job well done that has substantially benefitted the entire SHINE team. The flag will be flown for the awarded team for the entire next quarter and be displayed at SHINE meetings.  Additionally, the sites deserving of this special recognition will be named on the study website with a running list of all past winners.


Congratulations to the following sites for receipt of the SHINE Bravo Zulu Flag!

Site                                                                            Date

Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center          June 2018

University of Iowa                                                      February 2018

Henry Ford Hospital                                                   December 2017

Summa Akron City Hospital                                       August 2017

Augusta University                                                     March 2017

Mt. Sinai Medical Center                                            December 2016

SUNY Downstate University                                       September 2016

Wayne State University                                              May 2016

University of Texas                                                    January 2016

Stanford University                                                    July 2015

West Virginia University                                             May 2015

Northwestern                                                             March 2015

University of Kentucky                                               December 2014

Emory University                                                        August 2014

NYP Columbia University Medical Center                  May 2014