Ann Arbor 2016

Keynote Presentation: Clinical Trials in the CNS Space

Presented by: Michael Krams


Overview of Clinical Trials

Presented by: Chris Coffey


How to do Transformative Clinical Trials

Presented by: Jeffrey Saver


Selecting Outcome Measures for Neuroscience Trials

Presented by: Jeremy Shefner



Presented by: Merit Cudkowicz


High Yield Points for Protocols / Manuals of Procedures: Ensuring Reproducible Research

Presented by: Dixie Ecklund and Marianne Kearney


Learn Phase Designs 1: Dose Finding

Presented by: Jason Connor


Learn Phase Designs 2: Futility Designs

Presented by: Valerie Durkalski-Mauldin


Clinical Trials in Rare Diseases

Presented by: Erika Augustine


What does an IRB do?

Presented by: Roger Lewis


DSMBs and the Clinical Monitoring of Trials/Role of Medical Safety Monitor

Presented by: Roger Lewis and Robin Conwit


Enrolling Representative Populations: Recruitment of Disadvantaged and Historically Under-Represented Groups in Research

Presented by: Adrianne Haggins


Multiplicity: Incentives and Risks of Fooling Oneself

Presented by: Michelle Detry


Recruitment and Retention

Presented by: Josh Grill


Developing a Statistical Plan/Objectives Pertaining to "Safety"

Presented by: Jordan Elm


Your Date at the PROM: Patients Reported Outcome Measures

Presented by: Brett Kissela and Laurie Gutmann


A (Brief) Introduction to Adaptive Designs and Clinical Trial Simulation

Presented by: Kert Viele


Using Preclinical Data to Inform Human Trials: Scientific Premise and Safety

Presented by: Dietrich Haubenberger and Wendy Galpern


Stopping Rules for Clinical Trials

Presented by: Ken Cheung


Metrics, Progress Reports and Next Steps

Presented by: Small Group Faculty


Creating an Effective Clinical Trials Budget

Presented by: Valerie Stevenson


Clinical Trial Networks: NeuroNEXT, StrokeNET, NETT/SIREN

Presented by: Bill Barsan, Chris Coffey, Robin Conwit, and Pooja Khatri