Presenter: Robert Silbergleit, MD
This is a slideset that was presented at the August Eduational Spotlight and previously at other investigator meetings.


NETT New Hub PI Teleconference 10-12-07 

Slide Set - First Investigator Meeting January 2007

This is the slide set used at the first Investigator Meeting on January 30, 2007. The set includes all of the presentations done that day - Overview of NINDS; Overview of Network Structure; Network Policies; Site Management; WebDCU; KDH; Neuro-QOL; RAMPART; INTERACT; Bells Palsy; ALIAS; and ProTECT. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A LARGE FILE, DOWNLOAD MAY TAKE SEVERAL MINUTES.

This is a basic slide set that can be used or modified for presentations requiring an overview of the new network including its purpose, development, and organization. It is for general use and may be modified from time to time. If you make useful modifications that you would like to share, please send them to Dr. Silbergleit and they will be incorporated in the master slide set.
Slide Set - UM CCC Reverse Site Visit 
This is the slide set used by the CCC investigators at their reverse site visit at the end of April 2006
These are the slides presented at the open session to discuss NETT and the Hub RFA that was held at the annual meeting of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) in San Francisco in May 2006 
The slides presented at the Steering Committee conference call on 10/24/07.